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Aria da Capo – 1960 – 1st Datable Cino Production Photos

Posted in Uncategorized by Robert on January 1, 1901

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Earliest datable Caffe Cino performance photos, 1960, donated by MAGIE DOMINIC.  BILL MITCHELL (in striped costume), says he convinced JOE CINO to present plays as well as poetry readings and folk singing. GLENN DU BOSE directed this and many other early Cino plays. KITTY MC DONALD and DEAN SELMIER (curly headed in white t-shirt) also appeared in many early Cino plays. PETER RATRAY says he was in “Aria da Capo” in April, 1960, but does not appear here, so he and Glenn Dubose assume these photos are of a summer revival. Photographer unknown.

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DEAN SELMIER and Unidentified Player

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