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The Cino Year By Year » THE CANDLES copy

“The Candles” by ROSE HENNESSEY, 1961, directed by JOE CINO, sketched from memory. Staged in the same front corner where you see DORIC WILSON and his cast in this photo. It concerned a priest (KEITH CARSEY) and a nun, trapped in a church basement after a nuclear war with nothing but wine and candles. He wants to drink and procreate to perpetuate the race, but she won’t break her vows. At the end, their last candle burns out. The author was one of the Cino’s “art ladies,” mature women who wore elaborate scarves and veils and read poetry. As far as I know, none but Ms. Hennessey ever did a play at the Cino. The odd thing at the right is meant to be the jukebox which Joe Cino kept stocked with opera recordings.

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