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Ben Martin’s 1961 Caffe Cino Photos

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BEN MARTIN was TIME Magazine’s first staff photographer 1957, TIME Magazine Senior Photographer 1957-1989, photographed for all divisions of Time Inc., including LIFE, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, Money, Discover, Entertainment Weekly, Architectural Forum, House and Home, TIME LIFE Books, HBO, Book of the Month Club and Corporate. In February 1961 he took the photo below, the first published Caffe Cino performance photo, Time Magazine, Feb. 10, 1961. It was labeled in TIME as F. STORY TALBOT’s “Herrengasse.” Story says it is actually of the next show, Tennessee Williams’ “Camino Real.” The central figure is undeniably the great SHIRLEY STOLER. Photo originally shared by GARY FILSINGER. Mister Martin has graciously given permission for these fully copyrighted photos to be shared here and here only.

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