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<<<Back to Icons and Influences On to “Indecent Exposure,” play by Robert Patrick, done at Caffe Cino 1966

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Young people are forever asking with what “issues” the plays written for the Cino dealt. I’m afraid the answer is, “Not many.” Our major “issue” was freedom of expression, our major motif a relationship between young people. Our characters tended to comment on the state of the world more than our plays did, and usually in wisecracks or epigrams The political and economic state of the world, of which we were very conscious, crept into our plays mainly in the ways it created obstacles between our fictitious lovers. I’d say we were about as political as Shakespeare, and less so than Shaw. There were exceptions.

I am VERY pleased to add that I am now in touch with TERRY ALAN SMITH, author of the book and lyrics for the musical-of-ideas God Created the Heaven and the Earth . . . but Man Created Saturday Night, and he promises to look for photos from it. I will have him write a description of it for this page as well.

There were other plays of ideas. ROSE HENNESSEY’s 1961 The Candles presented a nun who refused to sleep with a priest to continue the species, although they were the last people alive. My drawing of it from memory HERE. I didn’t see EDITH LAURIE’s 1964 The War Vs Women, but there is a sprightly photo from it HERE.

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