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‘Barbara” (1970)–An Underground Movie Scandal In Its Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Robert on April 2, 1935

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1970:Written by JOSEF BUSH, starring BILL HAISLIP, poster shared by producer Walter J. Burns.

Promotional synopsis: “Teenaged Barbara spends the summer on Fire Island with her parents and brother. She is sexually initiated by a ‘guru,’ and with another couple, she experiments with sex. While on a macrobiotic diet, the young people practice sodomy, homosexuality, and lesbianism, as well as heterosexual relations. Barbara seduces her younger brother, and together they attempt to convert their parents to the new lifestyle.”

Author Bush was no stranger to scandal. As “Angelo D’Arcangelo,” he wrote “The Homosexual Handook,” outing tons of famous people–including J. Edgar Hoover. The book mysteriously disappeared from shops, then reappeared unchanged except that Hoover’s name was missing. The producer of Bush and Bill Haislip’s “De Sade Illustrated” added nudity to the witty satire without consulting them. Bush threw paint all over the stage, necessistating the closing of the show.