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Posted in Uncategorized by Robert on January 1, 1944

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Unknown, JOE CINO, JOHNNY TORREY, and MATT BAYLOR atop an East Village building, 196_? (Though several identifications of “Unknown” have been suggested, BOB HEIDE is sure he is actor John Tracy, who once did Bob’s 1965 Caffe Cino  play “The Bed” in the nude at the Actors Studio.)

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  1. Robert said, on April 21, 2010 at 7:06 am

    Renne Mauguin! For god’s sake, where are you? Send me your e-mail address and I’ll add you to the Cino Peopel Mailing List. I assume you’re going over all the pages. I’m at Where are you? What are you doing?

  2. Renee Mauguin said, on April 21, 2010 at 6:28 am

    Hi Robert,

    Gee, it’s been years. How in the world are you??

    Just this morning I saw the photo of “Thrift- store chic” in front of the Cino after the fire and of course, the memories flooded in. By the way, I have never purchased nor wore “thrift store” clothes in my life. I prefer new clothes, always have.

    Why am I not surprised you gave the photo that title??? Both you and Harry K. had your individual penchant for words that kept us all constantly entertained. While hunting around the net this morning, I saw that Harry K. passed into the next world in March. I was saddend.

    I distinctly remember the day that photo was taken. Those present were intent on rebuilding the Caffe and had hoped more of the ‘regulars’ would have shown up to lend their support. Joe was fairly secretive (Scorpio) and maybe he didn’t ‘put out the word’ with enough energy. If he had, I’m sure more would have shown up. Didn’t that photo end up in the “Village Voice”?

    I phoned David Starkweather about a year ago–just to say “Hello” and that I was thinking of him. I was lovely to have a chat. He sounded just like David.

    During 1971-73 I was in New York and happened to drop in at the then new Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. They needed someone who remembered the Off-Off Broadway days who could identify people in a rather large box of photos and other Cino and La Mama memorabilia that had been donated to the library. I spent a few days with the curator of the collection helping out. Great fun!! I had a good time for myself.

    Thank you sooooo much for making the effort and devoting the time to putting the Caffe Cino history on the Internet for all. We were a very important part of New York’s theatrical history.

    Renee Mauguin

  3. Logan said, on April 17, 2009 at 1:30 am

    Good shot of Doric Wilson … wonder when he traded in his sports jacket for a leather one?

  4. Robert Patrick said, on April 6, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    Please include an e-mail address when you make a Comment. Thank you.

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