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A Magical Cino Moment » HarryCharlesFixed

Poet H.M. KOUTOUKAS watches CHARLES STANLEY in The Spring Horror Show beautifully performing Koutoukas’ beautiful “Tidy Passions,” a play probably not welcome anywhere else on Earth at that moment (it had been thrown out of one theatre after one performance). The Spring Horror Show was provoked when an actress in a current show walked out. In no time at all, we were able to gather from an immense underground mine of artistic talent the material for a spontaneous review of wondrous variety, some elements of which are still performed worldwide. This magnificent photograph by JAMES D. GOSSAGE captures a pinnacle of the time, a monument now that it is past, unthinkable before it happened, and probably unrepeatable ever, in the unique, unprecedented, and unsurpassed Caffe Cino. Photo courtesy MICHAEL SMITH and MAGIE DOMINIC, from their book H.M. Koutoukas 1937-2010.

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