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The Times article aroused such bad feelings that when Life Magazine summoned writers for a rooftop photo (which they never published), I stayed home. I deeply regret not going. I should like to see myself among my dearest friends, when we were all young and alive.They are (1) Ted Harris, (2) David Starkweather, (3) Mary Mitchell, (4) Tom Eyen, (5) Unknown, (6) Asif Currimbhoy (7) H.M. Koutoukas, (8) Claris Nelson, (9) Maria Irene Fornes, (10) Jean Reavey, (11) Unknown, (12) Sam Shepard, (12-a) Bob Heide, (14) Susan Sherman, (15) Lanford Wilson, (16) Story Talbot, (17) Paul Foster, (18) William M. Hoffman, (19) James Eliason, (20) Leonard Melfi, (21) Jean-Claude Van Itallie, (22) Megan Terry. (Photo by DanMcCoy, courtesy Albert Poland.) See another funny photo story, bottom of the page HERE.

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