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Paul Foster’s “BALLS” vs. Arthur Sainer’s

Posted in Uncategorized by Robert on January 1, 1953

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Paul Foster’s “BALLS” vs. Arthur Sainer’s
(See last picture to learn whose won.)

IN AN E-MAIL OF FEB. 19, 2012, PAUL FOSTER ADDS: I leave to others to judge the quality of Sainer’s critical prowess, but I will shout on the roof tops that he is a brilliant promoter. After his review, I recall slinking into the Cino. Only Michael Powell was there. He moved one side of the “Balls” machine behind a black curtain. I moved the other. He gave me a big smile and his famous bear hug. Richard Barr came in, alone, and said, “I thought I’d find you here. Sainer’s just given your career a great boost, and I want to produce ‘Balls’ at the Cherry Lane.” “Thanks,” I said, “But I think he’s just sunk my career, and I don’t even know him.” Well, Dick Barr and Edward Albee did produce “Balls” with two one-acts by others. Then, with the wind stirred up by Arthur’s review, subsequently there were 600 productions in universities, two touring companies in the USA, and toured from the Taganka in Moscow to the Peacock in Dublin, from the Traverse in Edinburgh to Cambridge, from Oxford to Carolus Kuhn Theatre in Athens. It has two publications in New York, (that’s Sam French and the Dramatists’ Play Service), plus Calder & Boyars in London, Fischer Verlag in Frankfurt, Sessler Verlag in Vienna, Guyldendahl Publishing in Copenhagen, Gallimard in Paris (That’s eight total publications). Arthur’s review did not help me, but subsequent to the review, I was awarded the Rockefeller foundation fellowship (twice), the Guggenheim, the National Endowment of the Arts, and the National Endowment of the Humanities. I lectured on theater for the United States Information Service, State Department, in Bucharest, Belgrade, andEssen, Germanyand inBelo-horizonte,B razil, promoting the fame and careers of my fellow playwrights. Thanks, Arthur, you prove once again the wisdom of the great Richard Barr and the great Oscar Wilde, “Living well is the best revenge.” I bought real estate with the money. (and thanks to you, Bob, for believing in me) Paul.”

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