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Early Plays, Late Plays, Gay Plays

Probably First Cino Play Flyer – 1958

1st Datable Show Photos – “Aria da Capo” – 1960

1st Original Cino Play – “Flyspray” – 1960

The Cino Year-By-Year

Miss a Week, and You Missed a World


The Silent Era – The Caffe Cino Before Decor

Rowland Scherman’s 1960 Caffe Cino Photos

Ben Martin’s 1961 Caffe Cino Photos

“Episode” a 1962 Caffe Cino PLAY by Ronald Colby -SCRIPT

Michael Smith’s 1963 Cino PLAY, “I Like It” – SCRIPT

How the Cino Looked 1

How the Cino Looked 2 – Incidents 1964

How the Cino Looked 3 – Rehearsal 1966

Michael Smith’s 2009 PLAY about an evening at the Cino in 1965 – SCRIPT

How We Looked

Playing Dress-Up: Costume Shows

Dames At Sea

Icons and Influences


“Indecent Exposure,” PLAY by Robert Patrick, done at Caffe Cino 1966 – SCRIPT

Beauty and Death

Odds and Ends – 1

Odds and Ends – 2

Odds and Ends – 3

Gay Plays at the Cino

50 Years of The Haunted Host by Robert Patrick

Posters and Flyers

More Posters and Flyers

Bad Images of Swell Posters

Forged Cino Posters by Robert Patrick-2009

Plays and Personalities 1

Plays and Personalities 2 – and Personal Triumphs

Pretty Pictures

Funny Fotoz

Funny Publicity Fotoz

Playwrights in the Cino

Jerry Caruana’s 1962 Cino PLAY “Mannikins” – SCRIPT

Selling Out? Buying In? Commercial Moves.

Cino People at La Mama

Lanford Wilson’s La Mama Benefit revue SKIT – SCRIPT

Michael Smith and Others’ La Mama Benefit SKIT – SCRIPT

Cino Actors Elsewhere Off-Off

Cino Actors in Movies and TV

The Invisible Cino Movie

Josef Bush and Bill Haislip’s 1970 Scandal

Milligan Movies

Hope Stansbury in Milligan Movies and Elsewhere

They Acted Everywhere: The Harris Family

Doric Wilson: First Cino Star Playwright

Lanford Wilson

William M. Hoffman

Claris Nelson and Marshall W. Mason

Magie Dominic

A Cino PLAY – “The Warhol Machine” by Robert Patrick – SCRIPT

Friends 1

Friends 2

Friends 3

Friends 4

Cino People as Characters in Plays

The Spring Horror Show

A Magical Cino Moment

Robert Patrick’s Spring Horror Show SKIT, “Cheesecake” – SCRIPT

Fame and the Fire

The Obie and After Joe’s Death

PLAY: “The Trip,” by Eric Krebs – SCRIPT

Not All Roses: Negative Images

Paul Foster’s “BALLS” vs. Arthur Sainer’s

Goldies – Cino People Now

Mo’ Goldies

Yet Mo’ Goldies

Goldies Galore

The Lincoln Center Cino Tribute – 1985

After the Cino: Books and Revivals

Moving On In Many Ways

Venues Inspired by the Cino

More Venues

Peculiar Works and Other Revivals

Cino Plaque Unveiling